Faculty & Research

Creating new knowledge to solve society's most pressing issues

Research is an important part of the mission at O’Neill IUPUI, and it involves everyone from faculty and students at O’Neill to researchers at the IU Public Policy Institute, housed within the school. Our research expertise covers a wide range of topics such as gun violence, school choice, policing, hate crimes, environmental governance, social entrepreneurship, youth violence, transportation policies, public safety and homeland security, corrections, public-nonprofit partnerships, urban affairs, and many more.
Our faculty members are actively engaged in groundbreaking research in a variety of disciplines and often work in more than one research area. Discover their research areas and associated degree opportunities below.

Student research at O'Neill

Both graduate and undergraduate students participate in research opportunities with  O’Neill faculty members. Many then apply their research to the communities they serve. Whether through evaluating anti-gang initiatives in high-crime areas or assessing the quality of a community’s drinking water, you can shed light on important topics, potentially flawed systems, and public policies that are always in need of improvement.

Solve problems at the crossroads of policy, management, and science.