Sustainability Practice and Policy

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“Sustainability is finding a way to meet the needs of now without compromising our future. And the program at O'Neill teaches you how to make that real sustainable change on a nonprofit, public, or private level. I am an intern for the Office of Sustainability at IUPUI. And it has just been one of the most impactful things that I've ever done, I get to work on projects that create real sustainable change on campus. With Indianapolis being the capital, there's just an immense amount of opportunities for internships or future jobs. I like to say that I started my career, the minute I started university. And not a lot of people can say that. I came to college to really push myself and learn new skills. And I really feel like O'Neill has a really strong quality of what they're doing and what they teach. I am very passionate about environmental justice. O'Neill taught me what it looks like to take a really big idea and then how to narrow it down and say, 'These are the steps that you take.' And I really, really value a faculty member who comes in and shares real-world experiences about what it's like to implement a program. And it takes a little bit of what we learn in the classroom and applies it to real life. With one of my O'Neill classes, every week before we start, we all stand up and share something about our week. Everyone has their own little things that they care about, but collectively as a whole, we're all making this really big difference.” 

Leave with a tangible skillset

All B.S.P.A. degrees require at least one internship, so that by the time you graduate from O’Neill Indianapolis, you’ll have the experience and connections to boost your career. Thanks to the school’s proximity to nonprofit organizations and government agencies in downtown Indianapolis, you can complete an internship during the semester and graduate on time.

Dan Remington

I chose (the O’Neill School) because they had a strong record of sending out people into the world to make an impact on their communities.

Dan Remington, BPSA’14, Sustainable Management and Policy

Build a better world with an O'Neill education.