Description of the video:

Prepare to lead organizations that:

A police officer speaks with SPEA students.

Make and enforce laws

Reduce, control, and prevent crime through police, courts, and correctional agencies. 

A SPEA student in the courtroom

Shape public policy

Develop future policies for any arena, from sustainable energy to health care to minimum wage laws.

SPEA students stand at a public safety carer fair booth.

Keep our nation safe

Protect vital U.S. interests, oversee our country’s physical and economic security, and guard against terrorist threats.

SPEA students work in a city garden.

Protect the planet

Improve and regulate air quality, water supply, waste management, energy, and natural resources.

A student looks at a National Guard rescue helicopter.

Reduce disaster impact

Help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies, disasters, and major catastrophic events.

A SPEA student reaches for Ramen noodles as he helps stock a food bank.

Support fellow citizens

Feed families, provide shelter to the homeless, advise and support nonprofit organizations.