Criminal Justice

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 Alexander Clausius 

"One of the things that attracted me to the O'Neill School was the slogan 'Major in Making a Difference.' It made sense. You know, why do I want to be a police officer? Why do I want to pursue a career in law enforcement? I want to make a difference in people's lives. The most exciting part is being able to change how people view police officers and law enforcement as an industry. By being a different perspective and a different side of policing. I've been able to set myself up for career goal in the FBI by constantly learning, constantly challenging myself. And I've been given the opportunities and the blessings to do that with the O'Neill School. Coming to Indianapolis was a big move for me. I came because of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety program. And I was also sold on the Indiana University cadet officer program. You get to have experiential activities of going out, seeing what it's like, getting that real-world perspective. I did the cadet duties of building patrols, foot patrols around campus, you know, being the eyes and ears for the agency. And then through that we got to go to the police academy. It's the only police academy in the country that is through a university, and it's a satellite of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. You become a fully certified police officer and then you work part time as you finish off your degree. So it sets you up to be an attractive candidate for other law enforcement agencies. If I was to recommend O'Neill to a prospective student, I would say the O'Neill School is a place where you can challenge yourself, no one's gonna deter you. They're just going to tell you here's what we can do to help you succeed."

Credit for law enforcement training

Sworn full-time police officers who have graduated from any of the five Indiana law enforcement academies can earn 12 undergraduate credit hours from the O’Neill School. You can apply these credits to any of our undergraduate degree programs.

To be eligible, you must be admitted to IUPUI and must have completed at least 12 IUPUI credits with a 2.0 GPA.

Apply for police training credit

Micah Benson, BSCJ'18  

“That kind of sense of knowing that I matter to somebody on campus—and that I’m not just a number—made my decision to transfer to (O'Neill) easy.”