Research Areas

Bringing research expertise to the classroom and beyond

Our faculty's research covers issues at the forefront of public policy priorities: Ensuring a strong economy and low unemployment, advancing social justice, reducing the budget deficit, maintaining an effective and efficient educational system, reducing crime, preparing for the challenges of climate change, improving the country’s energy and transportation infrastructure, and much more.

O’Neill faculty on the Indianapolis campus address those issues by engaging in highly interdisciplinary research in many areas. Their research expertise is transferred directly into the classroom to bring students the most current knowledge and teach them the appropriate skills to address issues in their community, the state, and the nation.

Grants and funding from every sector

The importance of O’Neill faculty research has attracted funding from a variety of federal agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and local entities.

  • National Science Foundation
  • National Institute of Justice
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • United Way of Central Indiana
  • Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • John Boner Neighborhood Centers
  • Lilly Endowment
  • Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  • Arnold Ventures
  • Lumina Foundation
  • Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
  • Indiana Department of Health
  • City of Indianapolis
  • City of Fishers
  • City of Carmel