Management and Civic Leadership

Apply your finance skills to a greater cause

Solving today’s complex problems requires an understanding of how policy impacts society. Part of the B.S.P.A. degree, the Management and Civic Leadership major will give you the opportunity to study business, nonprofit, and public management, with a strong foundation of economics, government finance, public policy, and behavioral science. This holistic approach will prepare you to work in all sectors following graduation.

You also have the option to take courses that will give you a deeper look at how nonprofit organizations and public agencies operate. If you’re interested in using business skills to positively impact the community, then the Management and Civic Leadership major is right for you.

Leave with a tangible skillset

All B.S.P.A. degrees require at least one internship, so that by the time you graduate from O’Neill Indianapolis, you’ll have the experience and connections to boost your career. Thanks to the school’s proximity to nonprofit organizations and government agencies in downtown Indianapolis, you can complete an internship during the semester and graduate on time.

Scherrie Blackwell

“There is so much I can gain here, and the (O'Neill) Management degree is a degree you can really utilize in almost any sector.”

—Scherrie Blackwell, BSPA’17