Holistic Leadership for a Complex World

Transformative leadership training in partnership with Consulus

It is a complex time. Leaders are challenged to lead with breath-taking innovation while being tested daily to unite diverse stakeholders for action. IU Executive Education and the Consulus leadership teams from Asia and Europe come together to bring you an extraordinary formation experience based on a unique HERO holistic leadership model over eight sessions. Limited to a cohort size of just 30 leaders, these sessions will help you redefine your purpose for growth and leadership while learning how to build high-trust with your teams in diverse situations through creative methodologies.

This formation series is for mid-level and upper-level leaders who seek to lead differently to meet the challenges of the new world. Participants who complete the program will receive a digital certificate from IU Executive Education and Consulus.

Purpose and creativity are powerful assets for organizational leadership

15:1Organizations that have leaders who value and implement purpose-driven leadership outperform the market 15:1.

211%Leaders who consistently integrate design thinking into corporate strategy showed a 211% return over the S&P 500.

62%Percentage of organizations surveyed by Consulus in 2021 that stated a high-trust culture fostered by leaders matters for innovation.

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Classes are held live via Zoom.

In a complex world, it is critical for leaders to be clear about their sense of being so as to be better leaders for others.

This course defines the principles of Holistic Leadership and introduces the HERO model, a holistic method for continuous leadership formation and development.

This course will introduce the concept of having Heart and Spirit as a leader, and about aligning your principles, values, and character strengths to inform the decisions and actions you undertake as a leader.

This course will help you gain a deeper awareness of how your principles and values affect you in your leadership. It will introduce a personal purpose framework to help you assess your personal state and how it impacts your leadership with others in your environment.

This course will introduce the principles of embracive thinking. Listen to experiences of senior leaders serving in global organizations from the United States to Asia on how they have applied embracive thinking to shape change. Gain a deeper awareness of self with regard to how you embrace and engage with your teams.

In this course you will be presented with an applied design thinking method with a different approach of application on how to shepherd innovation, manage divergent thoughts, and shape common action creatively.

This course teaches the principles of Relational Dynamics and how to take a person-centered approach to leading people through difficult situations. Holistic leaders must have self-mastery, but also the mastery of communicating, and overcoming objections. This section will go into the challenges confronting leaders to build trust in difficult situations.

In this course you will be presented with a TRUST method on how to nurture a high-trust environment practicing Relational Dynamics, which includes an awareness of your leadership presence, habits, emotions, relationships, and building a positive environment to lead others for change. You will get the opportunity to practice these skills and learn how to apply them in your leadership environment.

Many leaders have a vision and good ideas, but holistic leaders must have the competency to ensure ideas can be systematically implemented through managing the complexities and challenges along the way.

This course teaches the principles of Holistic Operational Leadership, and the competencies needed to effectively manage operations, put their ideas into practice, and lead transformational change to achieve results and accomplish lasting change.

In this course you will be presented with an implementation method that has been applied in 16 countries for 15 years. Known as the 6Ps, it is a holistic tool to help you assess the different dimensions to shape and drive change from an operational perspective. You will get a holistic view of how to further your own continuous leadership formation plan to continue your development as a holistic leader.

This was an opportunity to work with and learn from people not only in different service areas but in different countries and on different continents. There is such a wealth of experience with the facilitators especially as they bring in leaders from all over the world.

Susan Sears, program participant