Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Defining diversity at O'Neill IUPUI

We live in a diverse society. At the O’Neill School, we encourage education about and awareness of how others think, live, and express themselves. Our faculty and staff members are committed to developing students who are well-educated, innovative, and engaged residents and leaders who embrace the many dimensions of diversity.

We recognize that Black lives matter; that no person should live in fear, regardless of ethnicity, religious practice, or immigration status; that women should be part of the decision-making process in all areas of society; that every person has the right to express who they are and love whom they choose; and that a person's abilities should never limit what they can accomplish.

We are dedicated to supporting under-resourced students because we believe that where you come from should not dictate where you can go. 

We are dedicated to the ideals of equity and justice. And we believe that everyone associated with the O’Neill School is obligated to call out racism and discrimination in all its forms and in every venue, whether in our streets or in our own hallways, offices, and classrooms. 

O'Neill IUPUI: Fall 2022 by the numbers

36%Students of color


9%21st Century Scholars

DEI initiatives

Based on feedback, discussions, and broad input—from students, alumni, faculty, and staff—the O’Neill School is in the process of implementing the following action items:

  • Create a new student-led organization focused on issues of race, equity, and social justice
  • Create an annual award for an O'Neill IUPUI student for exceptional contributions toward social justice
  • Develop and implement an annual survey or assessment of organizational climate and culture
  • Revise our undergraduate criminal justice curriculum to include additional focus on social justice
  • Develop and deliver topics classes focused on racial/ethnic inequality across social service delivery 
  • Develop a speaker series for students to engage with recognized professionals on how race and ethnicity directly and implicitly affect policy choices, public administration, and nonprofit management
  • Create regular opportunities for town hall or Community Conversations where students can share their views
  • Develop a diversity strategic plan in coordination with the IUPUI Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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